Sypwai History

SYPWAI is a for-profit organisation, a high-tech project with developments in artificial intelligence at its core. The company was established on 22 January 2019 after the founders Ngo Bao Chau, Abdigani Diriye had won a grant at one of the annual artificial intelligence conferences. The project is sponsored in part by the Life ASAPA Foundation. SYPWAI is positioning itself as a start-up. It is headquartered in London, UK.

Global technology

The platform completed all testing in October 2020. By that time SYPWAI has set up all the functionality and made its platform available to users in some countries. SYPWAI is now at a stage in its development where artificial intelligence needs to be trained. To do this, the British start-up invites willing users from all over the world to collaborate and pays for the users’ labour.

Since the launch, there are already some 500 companies, projects, businesses, and institutions that see the benefits of cooperating with SYPWAI and want to be among the first to incorporate the power of neural networks into their business and production. SYPWAI has also generated genuine interest among investors worldwide. So well-known scientists, engineers, businessmen, IT specialists, and many showbiz stars have invested in SYPWAI and have already started to reap the first dividends. SYPWAI, for its part, sees a prospect for itself in this kind of cooperation. The more people know about SYPWAI, the more likely it is that in the near future artificial intelligence technology will completely change modern human life.

The company's objective in the marketplace

The initial and most important goal of the SYPWAI project is to make this world a better place and accelerate the arrival of an innovative future. When it comes to the benefits of AI, these include reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, saving resources, optimizing business processes, and helping to solve the planet's global environmental problems.

Artificial intelligence is the future. All businessmen and scientists are talking about it. Neural networks will be able to solve all the problems for which humans will never have enough resources. With AI, the human factor, which has caused all global man-made disasters, will also be eliminated. In general, artificial intelligence is applicable to absolutely any sphere of modern people’s activity. It can help to forget about incurable diseases, solve the famine problem in countries with underdeveloped economies, prolong human life, simplify any current system, and much more.

Information technology is currently developing quite rapidly. SYPWAI is ready to take responsibility for a better innovative future for all of us. The start-up has set ambitious goals and has successfully achieved them. Even though SYPWAI is quite a young start-up, it is already widely known around the world and holds a leading position among technology companies. This only proves that the company is ambitious enough and is not ready to stop there. It is the moral responsibility for all of us to make sure that SYPWAI reaches its peak and changes the world for the better with innovative solutions and technological approach.

Sypwai's cooperation with businesses

SYPWAI has already tested their product, is actively bringing it to the general market, and is open to cooperation. The startup is always ready to provide its developments of neural networks and to support companies that have stepped on the path to an innovative future. To date, dozens of companies around the world successfully use the company's developments. Most of them use artificial intelligence technology to optimize business processes.

Thus, routine work, which no production can do without, can be easily entrusted to a neural network. SYPWAI researchers found out that in this way the productivity of any enterprise increases by 74% and the number of defective products becomes close to zero. In addition, complex computational processes can also be outsourced to artificial intelligence. Human capacity, meanwhile, can be used to its maximum and far more profitably than ever before. Humans can control the technology, and they can also lock in all the creative processes that a neural network cannot do.

As an example of the real-world SYPWAI technology application, consider the successful case of a collaboration with Enable Technology, which relatively recently approached SYPWAI representatives with a mutually beneficial proposal for both companies. As a result of this cooperation, Enable Technology was able to optimize its internal software development processes, speed up the design development process by a factor of two and focus on the primary goals by dropping out of the unprofitable areas. Areas that consume a lot of resources and energy and do not yield the expected results were helped by SYPWAI, a system based on AI.

SYPWAI aims to collaborate with companies worldwide. The software developed by the start-up has all the necessary approvals to cooperate with any country in the global community. The first partners have already appreciated all the benefits of such cooperation. In the future, SYPWAI is planning to expand its operation area and gradually introduce artificial intelligence technology into people's daily lives.

How AI training works

Training artificial intelligence is a challenge that SYPWAI has set on its agenda. Training requires 3 components: a mini Raspberry Pi computer or rented computers with the necessary processing power, internet access and a laptop or smartphone.

AI training is done by people who understand how to solve a given problem. This is why SYPWAI actively invites everyone to collaborate. The more users train artificial intelligence, the more likely it is that the neural network will learn quickly and its technology can be applied to all possible areas of modern human and business activities. Obviously, this kind of livelihood pays well. Where the people’s innovative future is concerned, there is no room for economy.

How does machine learning happen directly? Every user solves all kinds of logic tasks. Most of them are test problems, but there are also problems in which one has to give a detailed answer or there may be several such answers.

In general, SYPWAI's machine learning algorithm has something in common with the algorithms of the popular social networks Instagram and Facebook. All of these services track a user's behaviour within their structure. If a person lingers on or skips a post, the system immediately remembers this information. This is how AI is trained within these social networks. The information thus obtained from the user remains in the database and the service is then adapted to the individual person.

Design, operating principle, and technologies used

The way Sypwai works is fairly simple, yet robust. A user who wants to join artificial intelligence training acquires a device, downloads the app and reads a QR code. This QR code then sends instructions to the phone on how to connect the device and operate it. What is noteworthy is that both a PC and a smartphone or tablet are suitable for training artificial intelligence.

How work

The data channel is encrypted and cannot be intercepted and replaced by another, nor can any changes be made to the device code during AI training. All data provided by the user during registration is also encrypted, securely protected, and stored in a database. No one other than SYPWAI has access to the data the user provides when registering an AI training account.

The Artificial Intelligence Training Device is powered by the latest and most powerful version of the Raspberry Pi minicomputer. The mini-computer provides a significant increase in performance over its predecessors: the faster processor and better multimedia capabilities. The single device power is enough for basic tasks, if the user wants to increase their income and needs to perform more tasks, additional devices can be used that will work in multi-channel mode.


New user registration

In order to start training a neural network, you must first register an account, and then connect the device. Registration takes no more than 15 minutes. Even those who have never registered anywhere will not have any difficulty, it is really easy to register a new account. Sometimes, however, you might have some difficulties while registering.

The following difficulties may potentially arise during registration: blocked mail, incorrect password, the specified phone number does not receive sms with the code, the mail does not receive sms with the code. In case of any difficulties, user support is in touch 24/7. User support also helps to solve technical problems regarding the Raspberry Pi device.

Directly to register a person who decided to do neural network training, it is necessary to specify login, password, confirm email address, confirm mobile phone number and follow further instructions. After registering an account and connecting the Raspberry Pi device, the user can start training neural networks.

How can I purchase a device?

SYPWAI's artificial intelligence training technology is designed in such a way that a user who is interested in additional income and wants to try out innovative technology first needs to purchase a Raspberry Pi device. SYPWAI has researched their technology, analyzed the current market condition and provided several methods of purchasing the device.

You can purchase a physical device for home delivery. This can take anywhere from a week to several months depending on the region where the user lives, or one can buy a power piece. Another option offered by SYPWAI is more technological. It is possible to purchase a capacity part. In this case you will not have to wait long time. It will be possible to master the technology of artificial intelligence training, earning money on it now.

You can pay for your device purchase by almost all methods available today: by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, online banking (payment in the app or on the website), cryptocurrency, cheques, Pay Pal, EasyPay, LiqPay, and with an e-wallet.

How to take part in affiliate program

SYPWAI research has shown that at the initial stage it is recommended to run an artificial intelligence training program in test mode. SYPWAI scientists and developers will then analyse the data from the neural network training, carry out any necessary research and upgrade the platform if necessary. If all tests are successful and there is nothing to upgrade, the platform will be freely available within a few months.

In order to take part in the program, you need to obtain a referral link from your area manager and register. All data provided by the user for registration is securely encrypted and protected. Each individual manager is assigned to a specific person and will subsequently answer any questions the user may have. The support team is also on call at all times. Any user who needs help will get it the first time they contact the support team.

A launch date for the full affiliate program has not yet been announced. SYPWAI has initially agreed to get enough feedback from the first users, complete the necessary processes to further develop the research platform, and only then release the neural network training system to the public.

Feedback – the users’ response to the product

Before buying SYPWAI and registering an account, the user can study the feedback, analyze it and form their own opinion on whether it is worth joining the neural network training platform and directly participate in optimizing business processes, improving the environment, going completely green. and fundamentally changing the future in general.

Buying SYPWAI and registering an account is not difficult at all, the company cares about both user convenience and its reputation, so anyone can read reviews about the company from those who have already joined. Reviews are available on platforms such as Trustpilot, Statvoo,, Sitejabber, Google Maps, and Facebook. All reviews are written by real people and, according to statistics that SYPWAI tracks monthly, are mostly positive. However, there are also those who have bought SYPWAI, registered an account, and haven't figured out what to do next. Feedback from such users is also common. SYPWAI constantly monitors the situation and does its best to help those who do not understand how the system works.